PokerRaj makes the best effort to ensure that all players are offered a fair and even gaming experience. If any player faces disconnection issues during a game, the following policies shall apply.

Players that are disconnected from the game server during any bets they have committed to the pot shall be retained in the game until their turn is up next. Any player that does not reconnect by that time will ‘fold’ automatically and the turn will go to the next player.

Players must accept the risk of disconnection and should simply log back in and continue playing as soon as possible if their internet connectivity is cut off. PokerRaj does not accept any risk for disconnection of a player.

As soon as the software detects any disconnection, it will make every attempt to reconnect to the server and return the player to the game table they were seated at. If the internet connection is completely lost, there is no possibility that the player may be able to connect at all.

PokerRaj reserves the right to alter all policies in this regard and any disputes in this regard will be resolved by management. The decision, in this case, will be final and binding.

Every player is allocated a bonus time of 60 seconds every 2 hours. If the player disconnects, the server will wait for 60 seconds or the remaining bonus time after the regular time to act. If the player does not reconnect or return to the table within the stipulated time, the player will be ‘fold’ automatically. If the player has used up all the available bonus time, then they must wait for the server to top-up the time at intervals decided by PokerRaj.

If a player who is deemed to be disconnected has the option to ‘check’ on his turn, our software will automatically carry out this action and the player will be retained in the game.

Disconnection protection as explained above, where the software automatically ‘checks’ for disconnected player if they possess that option, isn’t available in Sit N Go and Multi-table Tournaments.


PokerRaj, at its discretion, may decide to cancel any tournament without prior notice.

In tournament events that include a buy-in, the entire amount of the buy-in or fees paid by the user to participate in the tournament will be refunded in its entirety if no payouts have been awarded.

In case a tournament is to be cancelled midway, all refunds will be at the discretion of PokerRaj based on the factors below:
  • In case a tournament has had any payouts made, then the balance amount will be distributed equally to the remaining players.
  • In case a tournament has had any payouts made, the payouts will be cancelled, and the entire amount will be refunded to each player.
  • The choice of which option to use will always be at the sole discretion of PokerRaj.