Wouldn't you love to receive that extra incentive to your salary at the end of the month? PokerRaj gives you a chance to get that extra monthly bonus. Just participate at the Daily Feature Tournaments at PokerRaj and earn MTL points.

The Monthly Tournament Leaderboard begins from the 1st April to 30th April 2019 Participate at any of the Daily Feature Tournaments at 5 PM and 8:30 PM and gain MTL points. Points can be accumulated not just for coming "In the Money" but also for participating at different tournaments.

So, collect your MTL points to go up the Monthly Tournament Leaderboard and claim your poker salary at the end of the Month. What are you waiting for, go on and collect your MTL points now!

Check out the giveaway amount for the Monthly Tournament Leaderboard below:

1 7000
2 5000
3 3500
4 2500
5 2000
Total 20000


List of the tournaments which will be part of Monthly leaderboard are as follows:

Sr No Tournament Name Time Day
1 10K GTD Checkmate 05:00 PM MONDAY
2 15K GTD Bounty Hunter Re 08:30 PM MONDAY
3 10K GTD The Dozen 05:00 PM TUEDAY
4 15K GTD Tuesday Titans 08:30 PM TUESDAY
5 10K GTD Thunder 05:00 PM WEDNESDAY
6 20K GTD Wednesday Wizards 08:30 PM WEDNESDAY
7 10K GTD Hitman 05:00 PM THURSDAY
8 20K GTD Thursday Thugs 08:30 PM THURSDAY
9 10K GTD The FunkBOUNTY 05:00 PM FRIDAY
10 15K GTD Friday Fury 08:30 PM FRIDAY
10K GTD Saturdaze 5:00 PM SATURDAY


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Terms & Conditions

  • MTL points are calculated according to the following formula: 10*(SquareRoot(no.ofenteries)/SquareRoot(playersposition))*(1+LOG(TournamentBuyinConverted+0.25))
  • only the feature tournaments from Monday to Saturday at 5:00 PM & 08:30 PM will be eligible for the Monthly Tournament Leaderboard points
  • Any conflicts that arise regarding this Leaderboard, the decision by PokerRaj will be final and conclusive
  • To be eligible for the leader board, player must generate minimum 3500 points
  • If two or more players have the same Leaderboard points then the winner for the Leaderboard prize will be decided by a tie-breaker tournament which will be scheduled on next working day @2 PM