The hunt for India's top poker player is back on with Season 3 of the Match Indian Poker League! Match Poker is the internationally recognized skill-based version of regular Texas Hold’em albeit typically with a pot-limit pre-flop and no-limit post-flop structure. The third edition of MatchIPL has some exciting news in store for all the avid poker players in India.

MatchIPL Season 3 features the MTV Pro Hunt in association with PokerRaj - who will be hosting a number of Free to Play tournaments on their website and app. The winner of these free to play tournaments will go on to represent that specific team at Season 3 of MatchIPL in Mumbai, held on 23rd and 24th of October.

The winner of the tournament stands to win an all-expense paid trip to Mumbai on the day of the event. This would mean eight winners get a chance to represent eight specific teams at PokerRaj Match Indian Poker League! The free to play tournament will be held in Texas Hold'em format and are open to any and every player who wishes to play and compete at MatchIPL Season 3. Just follow the simple steps below and you could be the next Pro player competing at PokerRaj MatchIPL Season 3!

How do you register?

  • Register on
  • Select the tournament for the specific team you wish to play for (Example: MIPL Pune Kings)
  • Register for the free to play tournament
  • Tournaments will be named after the MatchIPL Team the winner will get to represent

Team Names

  • Ahmedabad Hearts
  • Bangalore Royals
  • Haryana Hawks
  • Jaipur Jewels
  • Kolkata Diamonds
  • Mumbai All Stars
  • Pune Kings
  • UP Indians

The winner of each specific tournament will go on to represent that team at the Season 3 of PokerRaj Match Indian Poker League. That's not all, the winning team at MatchIPL will also get a chance to represent their country - India, at the Poker Nations Cup!

So, what are you waiting for? Register now!

Check out the tournament schedule below:

MTV Pro Hunt Schedule

Date Team Time Format Late Registration Buy-In
28-09-2018  Ahmedabad Hearts (AMD) 08:00 FO 70 Min Free
29-09-2018 Bangalore Royals (BLR) 08:00 FO 70 Min Free
30-09-2018 Haryana Hawks (HR) 08:00 FO 70 Min Free
05-10-2018 Jaipur Jewels  (JAI)   08:00 FO 70 Min Free
06-10-2018 Kolkata Diamonds  (KKT)    08:00 FO 70 Min Free
07-10-2018 Mumbai All Stars  (MUM) 08:00 FO 70 Min Free
13-10-2018 Pune Kings (Pune) 08:00 FO 70 Min Free
14-10-2018 UP Indians (UP) 08:00 FO 70 Min Free


Terms & Conditions

  • Tournaments hosted at PokerRaj are free to play
  • Winners of a specific tournament get to represent only that specific team at MatchIPL Season 3
  • A winner of one tournament cannot participate in any other MatchIPL free to play tournament
  • Winner will win an all-expense paid trip to Mumbai for Season 3 of PokerRaj MatchIPL
  • All tournaments will be played in the Texas Hold'em format
  • Late registrations only until 70 mins will be considered.
  • If a player wins even a single tournament, he/she will not be eligible to participate in any additional MTV Pro Hunt tournaments.
  • The winner will be obliged to sign a legal contract with Match Indian Poker League and the team they would be representing.
  • All players participating must be a citizen of India and above 21 years of age.