What happens when you blend the most popular sport of the country with a sport that rules your heart? It’s a match made in heaven! Once again PokerRaj brings an amazing opportunity for you to earn more rewards - P20 Bonus.

You definitely have the skills required for poker, but this time you have to bring your cricketing skills to the tables too!

At ‘P20 Bonus’ the player gets additional bonus up to 30% along with a 10% Instant Bonus.

All you have to do is predict the winner at least 1 hour before the match begins. Players can deposit amount ranging from 2K to 20K and use relevant team codes. An instant bonus of 10% will be credited to your account on depositing the amount. Players will be credited with an extra bonus if their team wins the match. So which team do you think will win the match today?

Predict, deposit using code & get an extra bonus!

CSK10 500 to 20000 10
DELC10 500 to 20000 10
SRH10 500 to 20000 10
KXP10 500 to 20000 10
KKR10 500 to 20000 10
MUM10 500 to 20000 10
RAJ10 500 to 20000 10
RCB10 500 to 20000 10


Deposit between 500 to 5000 = Get extra 15% bonus on deposit
Deposit between 5001 to 10000 = Get extra 20% bonus on deposit
Deposit between 10001 to 15000 = Get extra 25% bonus on deposit
Deposit between 15001 to 20000 = Get extra 30% bonus on deposit


Terms & Conditions

  • No extra bonus will be considered for any deposits made during or after the match
  • To be eligible player must use the relevant code while depositing
  • Player must generate 5% RRP of the total amount before placing the withdrawal request