From domestic to international, everyone's looking to make it to the big leagues. And just as PokerRaj takes that leap, we give players an opportunity to make it international too! The first-ever International POKER RAJ series will be hosted in Sri Lanka.

PokerRaj International- The 100 Series (PRIS) is scheduled to take place at Bally's Casino in Colombo, Sri Lanka on the 22nd - 23rd of March with a GTD prize pool totalling 500,000 USD. Yes! You're reading that right a total prize pool of $500,000! The first-ever International series (PRIS) is slated to be a two-day event with many celebrities attending.

PokerRaj International- The 100 Series is going to be the first-ever live tournament hosted by the prominent online poker portal - PokerRaj. The exclusive PRIS tournament is going to host a number of celebrities and poker enthusiasts from around the world.

The total prize pool of $500,000 has a buy-in amount of $5500 for the two-day event.

The invite-only event will have 100 players competing against each other for the extravagant prize pool. With just 100 players participating the probability of being in-the-money is obviously higher. The tournament will be played in Texas Hold'em format in Sri Lanka.

Get in touch with the support team of PokerRaj, if you're looking to be a part of the first edition of the exclusive PokerRaj International Series.


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