When you play like a King, you get rewarded like one too! At PokerRaj, the more you play the more you are rewarded. Collect Royal Reward points to gain access to exclusive royal tournaments, promotions and win exciting prizes. There are numerous benefits to becoming a member of the Royal Squad and the higher your level, the better your rewards.

Listed below are few simple steps to become a member of the Royal Squad:

  • On making any Real Cash deposit either for Tournaments or to play at Cash Tables, a user is automatically eligible to become a member of the Royal Squad.
  • Royal Reward points can be redeemed for multiple purposes:
    • For re-buys into tournaments
    • For free entry to exclusive tournaments
    • Converting Royal Reward points to Bonus Money
    • For exclusive promotions
  • There are multiple levels in the Royal Squad:
    • Knight
    • Bishop
    • Rook
    • Queen
    • King

A user must collect Royal Reward points to advance to a higher level. Each level has different benefits and privileges for the player. After registering on the platform and initiating a deposit, the player becomes a member of the Royal Squad at the level of a Knight. After collecting the associated points for the next level, the player advances to the next level i.e. Bishop.

Mentioned below are the points associated with each level:

Royal Squad

For every Rs.15 rake generated by a player either on Cash Tables or in Tournaments, they shall be awarded 1 Royal Reward Point. So, the greater the number of RRPs, the better are your rewards and privileges.

But what’s the incentive of being at the top? When a player reaches the level of Queen or King of the Royal Squad, PokerRaj shall bear their TDS on any withdrawals. This would mean, that a player would receive their actual winnings with no deductions, now doesn't that feel like a Royal Bonus?

Your Royal Reward Points can also be redeemed for Bonus Money that will be credited to the player’s account. Check out the entire conversion table below:

Royal Reward Points Bonus Earned
100 30
500 150
1000 300
2500 875
5000 2000
10000 4000
20000 8000
40000 16000
60000 30000
100000 50000


Terms & Conditions

  • For conversion of Royal Reward Points to Bonus Money, a minimum of 100 RRPs need to be converted
  • If users do not accumulate the minimum RRPs of the level they belong to, they will be moved to a level that matches the accumulated RRPs
  • PokerRaj reserves the right to end or change the Royal Reward Points program at their discretion at any time
  • Royal Reward Points cannot be sold, transferred, bartered or traded with any other player or in any other way
  • Any conflicts that arise regarding this promotion, the decision by PokerRaj will be final and conclusive